Saturday, 21 January 2012

New pilot software for Virgin Media TiVo prevents third-party apps from accessing TiVos

Network Access? To this? Access denied buddy!
Virgin are pilot testing a new software update for TiVo. While not as significant as the 15.2 update, the repercussions are already being felt - the new software (Version 15.2-01-2-C00) prevents third-party remote control software (like Tivo Commander and other apps listed in the Network Your TiVo page) from having network access to TiVo.

It also means that the chances of multi-room streaming have (for now) taken a step backwards since TiVos running the new software won't be able to see each other on the same home network.

Virgin have posted a response in the Help & Support Forums:

Hi I just wanted to confirm that we're piloting a small new code release for TiVo in a small number of areas at the moment.

In addition to a number of fixes after this software release a number of unsupported apps will cease to work as these apps create stability risks to our TV platform.

We know you're interested in using this sort of companion app so we're hard a work adding adding new features to our forthcoming TiVo Buddy app which we'll be launching later this year.
While this news would indicate that authorized Virgin software to access TiVo is coming soon (like the TiVo Buddy app), this news hasn't gone down well with the developers of third-party software and the users of that software.


Tom Chiverton said...

I wouldn't worry about it. Whatever they do to lock access to their own app will be emulated by any one elses.
DRM doesn't work.
Why they bother wasting money on trying is beyond me.

NDAS Contribute said...

It would be nice if they launch their android app BEFORE they stop other apps working. It is not like they are competing is it?

howardmicks said...

total joke,im on vm mobile contract with andriod phone and now i am going have no app to operate my tivo.Another coming soon !!!!!!!!!!!!

Tony Hoyle said...

Bad timing for VM..My (and all the other early adopters) 12 months with VM Tivo is coming up for renewal next month, and after 10 years plus with Tivo I'm actively looking at moving on.

VM just don't know what to do with Tivo. They bought into it touting it as a platform (they even said open platform), media hub.. all things Tivo could do already (so very little work to bring to the UK) said all this would be coming 'soon' - on the strength of the promises I paid out for 2 tivos (£300 up front, with mandatory XL TV) - and 12 months later it's barely got the features of the V+ and they're actively removing features they already added.

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