Monday, 16 January 2012

News roundup for Virgin Media's TiVo; New look YouTube & Netflix apps shown at CES; Reminders

So what's been happening in Virgin-TiVo-Land? Well:
  • TiVo were at the CES show and showed off redesigned (and much improved) user interfaces for both the existing YouTube and Netflix apps on the stateside TiVo Premiere boxes were on display. There's no word yet if Virgin Media's TiVo will soon grace these new-look user interfaces, or a Netflix app for that matter.
  • Also shown at CES was a prototype of a TiVo networked transcoder box, this would support the real-time transcoding and streaming of any recorded content from a TiVo box to the TiVo iPad app (and in theory, to other devices such as Android tablets). As stated, this is a prototype and TiVo has yet to decide to finalize the design, or even decide if to put this box into production, let alone offer it to Cable operators such as Virgin Media.
  • The latest version of the VM TiVo Net Remote software now includes Reminder functionality.

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