Saturday, 7 January 2012

A good week for Virgin Media's PVR partner: TiVo

Its been a good week for TiVo in the States. First, they won another patent settlement, this time against AT&T, this follows their earlier victory against Dish Network. More patent battles will follow, potentially against Microsoft who appear to have plans to give PVR functionality to the Xbox 360.

Then, TiVo rolled out an major software release to Premiere boxes, this update appears to include most of the improvements featured in 15.2 and earlier software releases for Virgin Media's TiVo:

That was followed by the release of the official TiVo app for Android devices, unfortunately it doesn't appear to be compatible with Virgin's TiVo.


dan said...

this tivo app is compatible with the virgin media tivo pvrs

Tony Hoyle said...

It's as compatible as the ipad app.. ie. you run a little app/script, and it works.

You don't get any of the channel ident graphics or graphics for the episodes (it's trying to fetch them from which doesn't have them) but other than that it's functional... gives you the EPG, record, order series links, check upcoming recordings etc.

John McE said...

Oh, If only we could have the original TIVO blue, instead of Virgin's headache inducing red.It looks so much better.

stephen said...

Tried to down load from android market but says not compatible with either my android phone or tablet. Guess may block download outside US. Can someone shed some light on how to get the app to work with a Virgin Tivo ?

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