Monday, 29 August 2011

More EPG metadata woe for Virgin Media's TiVo

The curse of incorrect EPG metadata supplied to Virgin Media's TiVo continues, with series link issues for Doctor Who (BBC 1), Lost Girl (Syfy), Football First (Sky Sports) and Strike Back (Sky 1) being reported on Virgin's Help and Support Forums.

I had a little rant (OK, big rant) about this a while ago and things don't seem to be improving, with the current Doctor Who issue being a repeat of a eariler reported issue (next week's episode on BBC 1 isn't scheduled to record for series-links because TiVo has that episode marked as one from an older series).

Some of Virgin's TiVo customers are fast running out of patience with Tribune's inability to supply correct data to their next-generation PVRs, and are awaiting an official response from Virgin. Meanwhile, it may not be a bad idea to check your planned recordings page just to see if TiVo is actually going to record the programmes you've asked it to.


Neil Gillibrand said...

Well I had dr who set up as a wishlist and it recorded. And it uses the same epg info as series links - so that's a bit weird.

It was BBC one hd, but surely no one with Tivo would record it in sd?

Jason (Admin) said...

Its next week's episode which (currently) isn't scheduled to record.

Halifaxlad said...

Everything appears to be fine again as of yesterday, I have not really noticed any issues myself to be fair but I do agree that we should have better EPG data provided

divad said...

Dr Who problem partly BBC's fault as new series starts at episode 7 or something and is a continuation of the last series

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