Thursday, 4 August 2011

EPG? What EPG? 25% of Virgin Media TiVo customers find linear content through other means

From Virgin Media Entertainment Index Issue 2:
Early adopters appear to have embraced alternative methods of finding their favourite shows, with 25% of linear TV programmes being reached through a means other than the EPG. The search tool is proving popular; and the top ten search list provides interesting insight into the kind of programming viewers want. While half are nationally top rated shows such as The Apprentice and EastEnders, the other half did not feature in the top 50 BARB programmes of that week, demonstrating that these shows are more popular than scheduling allows for.

Furthermore, the top ten search list includes programmes from channels further down the EPG, such as Sky1 and FX, suggesting an appetite for a broad array of content and hinting at the opportunity for commercial broadcasters to reach greater audiences. And with intelligent search bringing up results as the customer types, with only three characters the average needed to get to the content they want, there is little to deter people from exploring the vast array of content Virgin Media puts at their fingertips.

The early research also implies the growing selection of apps is adding to the TV experience, as 79% of customers using them during the sample seven days – when they averaged 4.5 app launches per set-top box. While early adopters may have a prevalence to use innovative new services, it hints at an appetite to ‘do more’ through the TV and it will be interesting to watch this change as the Virgin Media TiVo audience grows.

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