Wednesday, 31 October 2012

News on Virgin Media's content delivery plans; TiVo; Apps; TV Anywhere

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VideoNet has an video interview online with Ian Mecklenburgh, Virgin Media's Director of Consumer Platforms (Digital Entertainment) regarding some of Virgin current and future plans to deliver content to your TiVo, PC and Tablet, including deeper integration of TiVo apps into the user interface where relevant for the channel, having to implant Content Delivery Networks deeper into Virgin's network to meet the increasing customer demand to deliver VOD and Over-the-Top content, differences between VOD delivered by the legacy service and the 10Mb dedicated broadband connection, the development of Virgin TV Anywhere and a lot more.

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Unknown said...

Looks like the iPad app is now available for download the functionality seems similar to the US one and TiVo needs to be on your home network, you can use the app over 3G with basic functionality like remote record - not sure what the delay was for given the above!

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