Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Virgin Media 2012 1st Quarter Results: 677,000 TiVo subscriptions, 18% of Virgin's TV Customer base

The 1st quarter results of 2012 are in for Virgin Media, and the TiVoizlation of the Digital Cable Network continues, with 677,000 subscriptions to TiVo, up by 242,000 from the previous quarter. 18% of Virgin's TV customer base now has TiVo, and that number will only increase thanks to  the new Collections packs which all feature TiVo.

Not surprisingly, Virgin Media CEO Neil Berkett was pleased with the results, and the impact TiVo has had on them:
Virgin Media TiVo is driving more consumption of PayTV programming. TiVo customers are 23% more likely to watch a PayTV suggestion than a free TV suggestion. Suggesting that TiVo is unlocking content discovery.

The other great thing about Virgin Media TiVo is it’s dedicated, over-the-top connection, allowing our customers access to content and applications outside of our TV world garden. Unlike in a DSL garden, the bandwidth this connection uses will not impede the bandwidth other devices are using at the same time.

Virgin Media TiVo is a superior differentiated product and our customers are loving the features. The key customer satisfaction ratings, which we measure through promoter score, or MPS, are 24% higher than the non-TiVo customers. That’s our critical mass. This is why we’re offering TiVo as standard in our new collections. It’s the future of TV being delivered now and we will continue to improve and enhance service.

....TiVo continues to sell very strongly. We had 242,000 net adds in the quarter. This is despite a price increase from £3 to £5 at the end of February. Remember, we’ve only been advertising this service for three quarters now and we have already penetrated 18% of our entire TV base. Over 40% of TiVo gross adds in the quarter were new to Virgin Media TV.

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