Wednesday, 25 April 2012

New YouTube app is all about you on Virgin Media's TiVo

There's been a lot of new apps appearing on the Virgin Media TiVo platform recently. Most of these have been promotional apps for mobile phones and certain TV channels/content (sorry, no Lovefilm or Netflix yet). But one of the new apps (or rather, an update of an existing one) has been for YouTube.

The new app is much improved over the old versions and finally allows you to login to your YouTube account (which is far easier than you'll expect) and view your subscriptions and playlists, subject of course, to content restrictions.

There's room for improvement here. For instance, you can't watch content which you'll flagged as 'watch later', and the subscriptions content is all in one list, and isn't divided into a folder per channel. Still, this is a massive improvement on previous versions of the app, and from my (very limited) testing, the video quality is at least on a par with the Xbox 360 version of the app.

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i-frazz said...

You NEED to remove the native playlist features. Make it so on the "My Youtube" tab you can select which video you want to play on the favourites, instead of setting it as a playist.

You also need to make it to when you are searching for videos, that it doesn't display the searches until you've finished typing. It is MASSIVELY laggy and slow - the letters are too small.

Please please make the changes. You need to update this application because it's practically unusable.

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