Monday, 5 December 2011

News for Virgin Media's TiVo: More on 15.2 software update; Wireless Keyboard Fun; iPlayer Issues

I was going to do an in-depth article on the 15.2 software update, but zekeisaszekedoes has done such a great job in a discussion thread over at Cable Forum that I might as well direct you to there instead.

Among the nuggests of information in that thread are the TiVo keyboard shortcuts for those customers who have a wireless keyboard. I purchased one this weekend, placed the USB wireless adapter into the back of the TiVo and volia, typing keywords for content searches has become a lot easier.

But its not all good news: There's been various reports (here and here on Virgin's Help and Support Forums) of issues with BBC iPlayer since 15.2 was deployed: Catch-up EPG links not linking to the content in iPlayer, and reports of content buffering and or/playback stopping altogether when attempting to play back content. This has been raised as a National fault by Virgin and is currently under investigation. With more and more people getting TiVoed and accessing apps like iPlayer, Virgin and third-party video content suppliers may need to upgrade their networks to cope with demand.

Meanwhile, TechRadar have a great article up comparing the numerous VOD and streaming services in the UK, Virgin's VOD service is included and gets 4 out of 5.


Mr Gowen said...

Tested tonight - the iPlayer is seriously flawed. Tried to watch Friday's One Show - first the iPlayer failed to load at all. Finally started it, but the was not to be. Ten minutes in, it froze. Nothing happening.

Yet, my Broadband connection is capable of streaming HD content on fifteen devices simultaneously!!! Can't be a local demand issue here in Ashford, surely...

YouTube app also has problems - I tried to watch one of my own HD clips. First issue was finding the thing - had to laboriously play with search terms just to find my content. Then, a four minute clip took over 12 minutes to play - stuttering every few seconds!

I'm a loyal VM customer. The BB is awesome. Tivo is generally a great product. The new update is MUST faster - I can delete recordings freakishly quickly - and menus fly by. But they haven't rolled out this update carefully - probably from demand from us on sites like this, they have rolled out the update too quickly and the increased data use clearly doesn't have the network scale to cope.


Dogsbody said...

15.2 has fixed a load of bugs which is great but it has added some new ones.

Anyone else having trouble deleting programs after the update? It's really doing my head in having to delete a program 3 times!

I hope they are going to rattle through some of these small bugs and do weekly updates instead of updates every 6 months.

Dazz285 said...

I was just wondering about the wireless keyboard stuff...
Tried using the Youtube app but the search box won't allow the wireless keyboard to be used.. Odd..

chris baker said...

is there any support for a logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 i would be over the moon if there was as i purchased one a few months back

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