Sunday, 1 May 2011

TV Reloaded? Virgin Media's TiVo reviewed by the Virgin Media Blog

My review of Virgin's next-generation PVR is now online. Grab a cup of tea and join me as a take a closer look at TiVo, now I've finally got one and had time to explore its features, potential and current flaws.

The review has been published as a separate page on this blog, which you can also access via the tab link at the top of every page.


Nialli said...

Great review sir. I was going to write one myself this evening for the VMHD blog but I don't need to now - I've posted a link to your's instead.
So now I can go to the local Picturehouse and see Thor instead - excellent!

Richard said...
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Richard said...

Viewing flexibility
I love being able able to call up the Home, My Shows and EPG pages while playing back a recording or watching Delayed-TV.

- Dont you find that when you press stop after watching something it asks if you want to delete it or keep it? Also when I press the home, my show or epg its hit or miss whether it will stop the playback or pause it. Very strange because if I press the maximise the screen to bring back the playback it just takes me back to tv.

Jason (Admin) said...

Niall, thank you. Hope you enjoyed Thor, its got some great reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, I hope its better than the god-awful Iron Man 2.

Richard, it will ask that if you're within the last 5 minutes of the recording.

Darren said...

As Richard above, what's annoying me with the Tivo at the moment is when you're watching a recording and press stop before the end of the recording, it takes you back to the info screen, but the recording keeps playing in the corner screen.

Is there anyway to change this? At the moment I have to pause the program rather than stop.

Richard said...

Mine will pause it even if I have more than 5 mins left so it will do it half way through or at the start or at any point.

Richard said...

@richard... asking if you want to delete something after you watch it is there by design. was there in series 1 tivo.
Makes sense that it will ask if you want to keep or delete once you have watched a recording.
Negates the need to do housekeeping on the drive and work out what you have watched and what you haven't!

Personally I don't find it annoying but then I've had it for 10 years so expect it (series 1 and the vm tivo = 10+ years)

not noticed the stop button still playing, but then I never use stop and always use pause. (the big yellow button) series 1 never had a stop button. Just start changing the way you think about the stop/pause. In the days of tape it made sense to have stop and pause. In the days of digital playback, you only need one... in tivo speak it is the pause button.

Richard said...

Surely the pause button just pauses it though? Can you explain a little further what you mean by use the pause button.

I dont see the point in the play button really it does the same as the pause button! lol

I like to delete things as I have watched them - no point keeping them but if TiVo is setup to record new & repeats will it record the same episode again later if I have deleted it or does the 28 day rule take into account that I already seen it?

Darren said...


So if I want to stop a recording when I haven't had time to watch it all you suggest using the pause button???

Pressing the pause button just pauses the screen, it doesn't stop the programme, and as I said if you press stop it returns to the info screen but the recording keeps playing in the corner window.

The only way around it seems to be to press stop then press pause which pauses the recording in the corner window, but having to use two buttons to do a job that one should do seems a little bit silly

Richard said...

Confused now I thought it was you telling me to use the pause button???

Darren said...

Think it confusing because there are two Richards commenting!

You are with me and question why we need to use the pause button, the other is saying don't use the stop button use pause!?

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