Wednesday, 11 May 2011

500Gb version of Virgin Media's TiVo now available to existing customers; £49.95 + installation

Get TiVoed for one of these, plus installation fee.
The 500Gb 'Baby' TiVo is now available to order from Virgin Media's website for existing customers:
The 500GB box packs a mighty punch - it stores around 250 hours of standard TV or 50 hours of HD TV. Our 1TB box is the big daddy - it stores around 500 hours of standard TV or up to 100 hours of HD TV. They both have the same fantastic features, so just pick the one that gives you the right amount of storage.

Swap your existing box for a TiVo box and you'll pay an activation fee of just £149.95 for the 1TB box (our new customers pay £199.95) or £49.95 for the 500GB box. Once you’ve got your new box of tricks you can enjoy our TiVo service for just £3 a month on top of what you pay now.
Unlike the 'Big Daddy' 1TB TiVo, the 'Baby' 500Gb version is available to TV customers on the M+ and L TV packs, as well as XL. M+ and L customers pay an additional monthly fee of £8, those on XL pay £3 per month. The installation fee is £40.

The 500Gb version will be available to new customers in July. For now, the availability of the cheaper TiVo marks a key moment in Virgin's plans to assimilate its existing TV customer base into the TiVo Collective.


Paul O'Hare said...

Getting my baby TiVo installed next Tuesday - can't wait!

Tom Chiverton said...

Seeing as it's stills o new it has nasty bugs :
I'll wait for a better deal. If I didn't have a V+ already I'd be more tempted though.

David said...

Getting mine installed next Weds and they're letting me keep my V+ box for free.

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