Friday, 10 August 2012

Full rollout for Software Release 15.3 coming soon for Virgin Media's TiVo

Well worth the delay for 15.3
With the end of the Olympics (and Team GB's superb performance in London 2012) coming to an end, its almost time for Virgin to unleash the latest software update (Version 15.3) for TiVo:

We’re updating your TiVo box to enable some great new features

Your update will happen in the early hours one morning between 13th and 24th August. That’s the time we know you're least likely to be watching TV or recording shows, so we hope it won’t interrupt anything. We’ll let you know back here on 27th August to confirm we’ve updated your TiVo box.
Make sure your TiVo box is either turned on or in standby mode overnight during this time, since the update won't start until your box is next switched on. Instead of switching your TiVo box off at the mains every night, it’s best to just put it in standby. That way, any updates (including smaller ones we might not write to you about) can happen while you’re doing other things.

Most importantly, the update will take on average 30 minutes and you won’t be able to watch TV or use the box at all during this time.

If the update is interrupted by someone switching the TiVo box off, there is a small risk you could lose all your saved settings and recorded shows. So, it’s really, really important that you leave your box on and make sure everyone at home knows not to use it during that time.

Also, if you have any recordings planned for that particular time they won’t record.
But what extra features are in the update? Well:
  • Record and Reminders - Reminders, where even if you do miss the reminder pop-up, you still won't miss your show as TiVo will still record it for you. 
  • General stability updates for TiVo and interactive services
  • HDMI connection reliability improvements – Some of you who've seen this issue should see a reduction in the number of invalid HDMI error messages.
  • Global settings – You can now set default recording options for new single recordings, Series Links, and WishLists
  • Streamlined Video On Demand Search – You can now find and play your favourite video on demand shows in a flash
15.3 has been piloted in several areas for a while now, with the full rollout delayed until after London 2012.


sascha.humphrey said...

It would have been nice to have had the reminder feature before the Olympics!!!!!

daz corbett said...

I agree now its 1655hrs on 13th aug and it looks like the tv is being updated so much for update during the night

adiboy said...

It appears that Tivo Commander has once again been broken by the update when it had been working recently. Roll on Virgin's official ipad/android apps.

Nick Langley said...

checked my box this morning and apparently mine updated last night, but you cant just set a reminder, its remind and record, unless it asks if you want to proceed recording when the reminder pops up, would have been easier to keep the functions separate said...

What a complete b****r! The TIVO iPad app is one of the best things about using the TIVO - and streets ahead of the standard interface.

Virgin do seem to have a real capacity to upset customers - and the fact that they have not yet made available an iPad app is very shabby indeed.

Maybe somebody should tell Virgin that we are in the 21st century.
VERY disgruntled:(((((

Kaz said...

Great it's 6.50am and my box is still updating , I get up for work at 6am every morning and catch up on my recorded progs or the news, can't do anything . Just have to hope its sorted itself when I get home and I don't lose the things I have set to record , also thought the update was 30mins am already now of 55mins

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