Monday, 13 June 2011

New Poll: Does Virgin Media's TiVo need Reminders?

Reminders (or rather, the lack of them on Virgin Media's TiVo) have been a hot topic of debate on various blogs and forums. The offical word (from the TiVo User Guide) is that:
You can’t set a reminder with your TiVo box. But you can record it, then watch it back from My Shows whenever it suits you.
Well, that's great. If you're not a fan of Live TV events such as major sporting events (especially if you're betting on them).

Then there is the Twitter Factor. Programmes like the BBC's The Apprentice and dare I say it, Eurovision benefit greatly from Twitter interaction, especially when watched live.

In my opinion, it doesn't matter how many tuners a box has or how much hard drive capacity it contains - the point is, I've forgotten to watch certain programmes live because I've been unable to set reminders for them, something I could do on my old V+ HD, or just about every other PVR out there.

Agree? Disgree? Vote and comment. The poll closes on Monday 20th June and can be located at the top-right of every page.


Tom Chiverton said...

Yes, but I'd rather have the BBC red button first, fwiw

Carryonvending said...

As an avid NON watcher of LIVE TV, apart from Footy & F1...... Then REMINDER is a must.

BBC RED Button (in the future due to cuts)is likely to get me WORLD SERVICE RADIO, if Lord Patton has his way!

Delboy said...

Id rather have the reminders as my mum has M.S., and cannot grasp the control and as long as the have the reminders and autochange the channels would be a good!!

Mundane Dad said...

I think that Virgin are shooting them selves in the foot here, i have just got Tivo and was very excited about it, however I find the lack of auto start or reminders hightly irritating! The rason is that I often fall asleep on the sofa when I have to be up early as not to disturb my wife and if I am watching a channel that is off air in the morning I will not be woken up, where as before I used to be able to switch to bbc news. I like a lot of the other features but this sucks if you NEED to switch chanels!

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